Monday, September 18, 2017

100 Days Days 11-17

Day 11 was a Monday, I got off to a fairly good start with a tofu scramble.. I really like to eat the same couple of meals over and over apparently. 

Leftover (High Carb Hannah) pizza.. I make this every Saturday so get ready to see it a lot. ;p

During quiet time Aunt Flo talked me into some alphabet cookies, which I also forgot to take a picture of; so I later asked Emma if I could have a picture of hers. As you can tell, she was thrilled. 

I didn't feel like working out that morning, but I stayed busy cleaning and when Steven got home I went for a 1 mile run, and walked another mile on the way home. I've really been wanting to run at this track they have at the high school but there always seem to be people around and I lose the nerve. 

My relationship with running is fairly good right now. I'm not preparing for any type of race so I just do what I feel like. I've been focusing on running longer durations with better form, rather than worrying about how fast I'm going. I normally only run about a mile at a time, but I haven't been getting so burnt out. 

After running I came home and made veggie tacos, which always look beautiful until I throw in black beans and then they just look brown and mysterious. They're still yummy, and such a go- to meal for me. 

Day 12

Anyone surprised to see avocado toast knows nothing about me..

I took Emma to story time at the library, which turned out to be a stressful hour and I was in no mood to cook when we got home so we had Trader Joe's veggie corndogs. No regrets. 

I made cauliflower buffalo wings for dinner and failed to take a picture. :/ 
In the words of Emma: "womp womp wooooooooomp."

On day 13 I had a green smoothie for breakfast.. 

A baked potato with beans, veggies, and tahini sauce for lunch

Dinner was leftover cauliflower wings in taco form. I was a little proud of myself for eating something somewhat healthy after Emma's dance class. And then I squirted ranch it. So. There's that.

On day 14 I was out and about with my Mom and didn't take any pictures. I know I had a smoothie for breakfast and grilled shrimp, rice, and salad for lunch. But we'll never know what I ate for dinner. I'm not sure how we will go on.. 

 On Day 15 I had some chocolate Kashi cereal with strawberries and soymilk. Normally cereal doesn't fill me up for long so I try to have it when I'm eating a late breakfast so I know I can eat again soon. :)

When I'm feeling uninspired I just heat up whatever leftover veggies I have and throw them into corn tortillas or eat them with rice. I've been eating like this for so long now I can't even remember what it was I used to eat. 

Let's just talk about this dinner. Trader Joe's yellow curry sauce is E V E R Y T H I N G. I'm pretty sure I could simmer gym socks in this stuff and happily eat it. Gahhhh. 
Also can you tell I made a Trader Joe's run last weekend? 

Day 16 - back at it with the avocado toast. I really do have to force myself to not eat it every day. 

I had leftover curry for lunch. The whole bottle is gone now. I have no self control. 

 On day 17 my friend Michelle came over and we went to... 

the track! Like most other situations that I avoid because I feel awkward, it ended up being great; and I feel silly for not going sooner. 

We ran, we walked, but mostly we just got pumped up for PIZZA

I failed to take a picture of the pizza, but seriously... I make it every week. We also snacked on popcorn... I should really work on taking pictures of my snacks. 

On day 17 it was time to hike again. I have fallen so in love with hiking I cannot even explain. I kind of wish I could go every day, but I also end up spending the rest of the day on the couch.

Most of the hike was also in the rain. A month ago I probably would have cancelled if I knew it was going to rain, but I'm really glad I didn't. 

I came home and had some Trader Joe's fried rice. I'd been saving it all week for a time when I was too hangry to cook. I threw an egg on there because of how hangry I was. 

At dinner I was still exhausted and ended up eating eggs and potatoes because I had planned a tofu scramble and my tofu had gone bad. Sad, sad moment. RIP tofu. 

If there's one thing I learned this week it's that if I'm going to do this and write about it, it's going to have to be more often. Trying to piece together what I ate and when was a struggle. A week of food is just too much information to make this much more than just a food log. I also worked out a bit more than what I can specifically remember, and I'd like to track my progress in that area, too. I'm really trying to make this more about how I'm improving my physical and mental health as a whole, rather than just losing weight. Even though duh, HI YES I would love that, too. :P

As always, I never know how to end anything.

So.. BYE 

Monday, September 11, 2017

100 Days - Days 1-10

I'm a little obsessed with the Vlogbrothers (John and Hank Green) on youtube. Early this year John and his friend Chris did a youtube series called 100 Days. They called it a healthy mid life crisis. It was all about making sustainable changes in their lives, sticking to them, and documenting it for 100 days. I loved the videos and have been meaning to do my own version of the project ever since. I could list reason after reason it hasn't happened yet but long story short - I'm doing it now. :)

About 6 months ago I started really reconnecting with a friend from high school. (hi Michelle!!) We've been talking really regularly, finally hanging out and she too is a fan of John's so we decided to have our own 100 day challenge. A "healthy late - twenties crisis" you could say. We started September first, and about a week in I realized that without some serious structure I was going to have a really hard time figuring out whether or not I was actually making changes. What better place for that than here?

About the vegan thing.. The last thing I posted more than a year ago was about being vegan. I'm not vegan anymore but I'm still somewhat close, if that makes sense. I hope to be vegan in the future, but for now I've made the changes that I'm able to stick to and it's working for me. I usually eat vegan at home, but I do give in to occasional cheese cravings. I eat eggs from my happy, healthy, family chickens. I will rarely order shrimp, sushi, or a salad with ranch at a restaurant.

Mostly my diet looks like this:

I still eat pizza every Saturday. Now I just skip the cheese and make my own dough. :)

Anyone with any experience with vegan food will recognize the nutritional yeast I sprinkle on everything. (ps I think there are hash browns hiding under there??)

potato and carrot soup..the day I learned I'm still not a fan of kale. 

oil free hummus

I still love avocado toast

Potatoes all day every day

Tofu and black bean breakfast taco.. thingies?

Sweet potato nachos

I can make my own veggie burger patties now!! (thanks High Carb Hannah!! I actually bought her meal plan and printed off all of the recipes and I eat them for almost every meal when I'm at home.)

tofu scramble

The last several days my Aunt Flow has been visiting and she stole my appetite in the mornings so I've been having green smoothies. I can *almost* tolerate the taste of bananas now. 

Suddenly realizing how often I eat tofu scrambles.. 

My absolute favorite lazy meal right now is just heating up leftover rice and potatoes

This time I was lucky enough to have leftover beans, too. 

Sweet potato and quinoa salad with maple mustard dressing. I was skeptical and immediately amazed. 

A pre hike smoothie

And post hike soup.. with a cheese quesadilla. 

Those are somewhat in order pictures of what I ate the first week of this challenge. Not pictured are a few good and a few "bad" meals that I ate while away from home. The goal this week is to take pictures of everything and post here every few days to keep myself on track. 

I should also mention that on day four I ran my first ever trail run, and somehow managed to get 3rd place in my age group, earning me this sweet mug. 

I attribute this mostly to my friend, and co 100 day-er, Michelle. We've been going hiking every Sunday and I think being used to walking at an incline, chatting the morning away gave me an advantage. Every time I had to stop and walk up something steep I was ready to run again as soon as the trail evened back out.  Also probably the real trail runners did the 5 mile, I ran the 2.. but shhh. 

This challenge isn't just about a "diet" Neither of us are looking to go on a diet. We are trying to make sustainable changes in the way we eat, our activity level, mental health, and how we treat ourselves as a whole. 

I could probably ramble all day, but I'll save it so I will have something to talk about in a couple of days. If you have any suggestions for some fun, healthy activities (or food!) we should try let me know!! 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

What I Learned in the First Two Months of Being Vegan

Tofu is actually not so scary. 

I really can eat avocado toast every day without getting sick of it. 

Or avocado in general, really. 

Chia seeds are good on.. everything. 

Sweet potatoes are delicious, no matter how you eat them. (okay I already knew that)

When it doubt, throw some veggies in a pan and put some kind of sauce on it.

Being vegan is not "restrictive" and I'm not missing out on my favorite foods. 
In fact, most of my old faves are a lot more enjoyable now that I don't sit around feeling bloated and groggy after eating them. :-p 

Of course it isn't all sunshine and nutritional yeast dust.. I also learned a couple of things the hard way. Like that suddenly eating all the beans might lead to days on days of all the toots. Or that Trader Joe's almond cheese has milk in it. (whyyyy?!) Speaking of cheese, Daiya has some sort of diet soda aftertaste that I can't overlook. Oh, and dining out in Oklahoma can be a real pain in the ass. If you are lucky enough to find a vegetarian option there is almost sure to be cheese and/or eggs lurking all around. 

It's been a learning experience for sure, but I feel like it's one of the best and most important decisions I've made in my life. I'm constantly torn between wanting to get up on a roof and yell at everyone about how good I feel, but also being afraid to even bring it up for fear of being "that vegan" Buuuuutttttt oh well. : p 

What's the best thing you've eaten lately?

Also does anyone know of a vegan alternative to beano? Asking for a friend... ;p 

I might actually stick to this blog name for a while................. Maybe.